A Course in Light – A Spiritual Path for Enlightenment

A Course in Light is a spiritual study comprised of the Ascended Masters Teachings as a Spiritual Path for Enlightenment.  These teachings are serving all interested in developing their own personal abilities as spiritual teachers, healers, light energy workers and for personal healing.  We are the transmitters of wisdom, love and light that ignites new hope for our world. We serve all with the teachings of The Order of Melchizedek under the Christ Spirit.

The teachings presented by the Ascended Masters provides a unique process that draws on the restorative and balancing benefits of mindfulness, yet also embraces the transformational qualities of the inner fire of our light energy system.  Through the processes you are developing your Light Body and raising your total vibration. In the words of Einstein himself:  E=MC2.  This complex equation is a scientific finding that supports an ancient system of belief: that all mass is made of energy, whose origin is of a spiritual nature.

Metaphysically we are taught that as souls, we are each on a journey of discovery and evolution in consciousness, which is driven by our desires that unfold through greater karmic activities. While from our perspective our world may seem solid and physical, the actual scientific truth is that this is all just a perception, and our world is in truth, vibrating sub-atomic particles of light, vibrating at various frequencies that take form as color, sound and matter.

We are literally light vibrating dynamically & magnetically, and we respond to different signals in our environment based on our perception while attracting a certain frequency of experience that mirrors our own patterns in consciousness. Evolution is a process of change from one state of being to another – A Course in Light is the teachings that take you on a journey of transformation as initiated by the light of your own higher self. This is a path that accelerates your personal growth spiritually, psychically, mentally and physically. The energy work itself is a form of quantum physics – it is the activation of the light energy and the science of light that transforms. It is the method or procedure to help you in your physical body as well as your conscious self to be awakened to the higher source of who you are.