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On Wednesday evening 7:30 CST I give tel conference calls and invite you to join us. It is a wonderful experience and those who have joined this are very grateful and pleased.   This is an awesome experience for each one who is on this call. We have a small participation of sharing our challenges, our victories, our hopes, wishes, and dreams. But the most important part is the receiving of the messages for the masters, and the meditation that is given through the channeling. Every week it is an awesome experience and each one is so touched with the light.

Comment from Tina:  Good morning wise and radiant beings of the light.  What an amazing and powerful lesson with Archangel Arial.   In the inner realms of vision, our work is met with many others and the healing surrounding our earth and into the consciousness of humanity brings tears of love and joy to me.  It is with great joy when we connect to do this inner work on ourselves as well as earth and humanity.  It is a blessing and may God Bless us all. Have a good and bested day girls for I am full of love and joy spilling outward wow!  Thank you! from Tina!

The tel conference call is recorded and it is emailed to you. Also, we transcribe the whole conference with the meditation and message

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