A Course in Light – Spiritual Path for Enlightenment

A Course in Light presents the wisdom of the ascended masters teachings as specific techniques and processes to accelerate your spiritual and personal growth in every way.  The course is energy work as a form of quantum physics in that it is the activation of light energy and the science of light that transforms your thoughts, feelings, life and energy fields. Structured over 5 series, with atonement process to awaken the tools and frequencies of light as presented to humanity by the spiritual source – Melchizedek.

A Course in Light begins or continues your walk to enlightenment. Each book is a part of series of lessons, guided meditations and messages from the Order of Melchizedek. Each ascended master or angelic one brings the teachings of light and love with profound experiences. Each meditation and message is recorded and available on cds + mp3. These are guided tools assisting you in clearing yourself from unhappy and negative factors . Each lesson brings surprises and opportunities to break old patterns causing resistance to love.

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Student Testimonials

A Course in Light is the best thing you can do for yourself!Evelyn Andersson, PhD, Phoenix, AZ

The Light work is wonderful. I urge everyone to give the light a try!! Suzanne Howell, marriage and family therapist, Reno, NV

A Course in Light is a wonderful way to go deeper into enlightenment and is a positive, spiritual uplifting message for the healing our world. I use the light work every day to uplift, heal and grow in light and understanding. I am grateful to have found this way to assist in healing myself and others in such a profound connecting way. Julie Turner, TX

I think, more than ever, it is time for alternative information to become available about, not only our spiritual nature, but the true nature of the world around us. Certainly, quantum physics has documented this. Reality is a product of perspective and the more enlightened the perspective, the more enlightened the reality creation. The world is in the throes of a revision of what it thinks it knows and what it wants to know. There is a huge portion of the population becoming interested in the “non-traditional” and much of that revolves around understanding our spiritual nature. I think it is essential that A Course in Light be a study for all interested in their spiritual growth. Toni, I think your books and materials readily represent what people are interested in. Keep up the good work. J. Hamilton, Phoenix, AZ

About ACIL I am very grateful to you and to the Ascended Masters who work through you for all of the assistance I have received over the years. A Course in Light has been a mainstay in my life since 1988. It is what I always fall back on because it works. It is always timely and always in perfection. It meets me wherever I am at. Thank you also for all of the readings you have given me over the years. Each one has been a great gift and a help in taking my next step. Catherine Reum, CA

My experience in A Course in Light has been profound and enlightening. I was led to take this course through my Divine Higher Self and I know that it has been instrumental in helping me to open to my truest self. The practices are simple, healing and powerful. As I progress through the course I find that the lessons get easier and the road becomes straighter. It truly is a path to enlightenment and I am blessed to be a part of it. Marie A. Georgopulos

I was led to A Course In Light during a time in my life when I was searching for answers and tired of living in emotional despair of an unfulfilled life. The coursework and class interaction with Toni and Karen has been healing on multiple levels and has transformed the mental way that I now perceive life experiences. I recommend this course to anyone searching for greater meaning in their life and who are willing to work through outdated belief systems to experience the peace, freedom, and empowerment that comes from delving in to the truth of who you really are. Toni’s channeled messages and readings are also awesome, it is always a gift to receive a personal message from ascended Masters acknowledging the divinity and greatness within ourselves we tend to forget. Amy McFadden- Dallas, Texas

I have been doing A Course in Light since 1994, and I cannot begin to say how grateful I am that this work has been created. I was very lucky to have a support group to start with, but when I found myself on my own after a move, the CDs provided have really kept me going. The transformation it has helped to bring about in my life is nothing short of miraculous. I have come from being a very dis-functional person, to a healthy person with boundaries and a better understanding of my spirituality and how I feel about my place in the universe. I’ve learned a lot about cleaning my spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental houses with the light meditations and use the light everywhere I am to help clear toxic energies and for enlightenment. The light work has also helped me to understand and work through all of the negative patterns I used to operate from. A huge weight has been lifted from me. I am further along in my career than I ever expected because I have been able to change life-long patterns that weren’t working for me. This is due to the work I have done in A Course in Light. I whole-heartedly recommend this to anyone who wishes to become a happier person. Amy R., Chicago

The work Toni has done has provided me with an invaluable tool, which helps me to live my life in peaceful, fulfilling, and satisfying way. Her books are not only inspiring, but they teach individuals how to deal with everyday challenges. Everyone experiences hard times throughout their lives, and her messages and program offers one the knowledge and understanding that change can occur through positive thinking, changing your perspective and using light energy to clear the path and release that which causes the struggles.  The lessons provide tools that are available for the rest of your life to assist you when you are down. The program builds inner strength, self esteem, courage and inner peace. I have practiced the light energy and relied on Toni’s guidance for over 20 years and I have never been steered in the wrong direction. Not once! Her books and her light program are a gift that will be cherished for the rest of my life. In addition, the books can be read over and over again and one will continue to receive more guidance from the same messages. It is wonderful. I can’t imagine living life without the guidance. Annette M., Geological Engineer, Golden, CO

I have been a student of A Course In Light for about four years now, and it has opened my eyes to an amazing spiritual path and has changed my life immeasurably. Any person who will be introduced to this course is sure to experience life changing events and upliftment. Kris Gallant, Keller, TX

I have studied metaphysics for 15 years, and I have found A Course In Light to be the most enlightening, uplifting and positive program I have ever taken. A Course in Light will teach you to discover your own insights and guidance and will awaken your own special gifts. Whether you consider yourself to be advanced in the studies of metaphysics, or a beginner on the path of personal growth, A Course In Light will have a profound impact on your life. Patty Kay, Dallas, TX

Light helps me so much. I really enjoy doing A Course in light. Thank you Prem amar, Taipei, Taiwan

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