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As a result of trips to Taiwan ACIL is fast adding large numbers of students to its long list of devoted lightworkers.

The most recent trip resulted in numerous workshops and three World Peace Conferences where many interested people attended these events. The following is a transcript from one of these events.


Message from Andrew at Peace Conference

It is good to speak, I am Andrew. (disciple Andrew) As I speak to this group of lighted ones, we observe your openness to experience a healing in yourself and all around you. There is much need for healing at this time. There is much desire for healing individually within you. There is great concern for bringing into the planet the light for peace in humanity.

Let go of thoughts of all the chaos that appears in your life and outside of your life. Rather accept in this moment you are seeing, experiencing a change within yourself. Your thought, your energy is observing an ability to see light healing and greater acceptance of love.

As you are feeling, sensing, experiencing a greater lightness in you, you are participating in a consciousness that raises the energy of all life. You are all children of the Creator. You are all one, as children within in the Earth. You are all part of bringing new life into the consciousness of humanity. You are all part of those who are seeing a shift of consciousness within humanity. Look past the fears of what is being created. Look past the constant conflicts. Look past the experiences that generate the negative effect of living. Rather observe you are rising into a higher state of Mind and Light as Love.

In this moment begin to see in your own life a sense of renewal in the way you react to each other. Perceive that where there is conflict, there is a deeper compassion and understanding taking place. Accept that you are seeing love surrounding each and everyone that is a part of you. Begin that you can see as joy, a happiness in each one a part of your family. Where there has been conflict, resistance and negativity, perceive the energy of love changing the vibrations.

Accept that this is in motion and effect through thought, intention and desire of you. Now begin to see that you are moving with thought into a greater area, your own country. We are observing how the light is growing in this island of yours. You are at a much positive consciousness to what has been in place on this island. Though there has been earth change and other forms of difficulty, in this moment perceive the light is magnified in all that are in difficulty. Accept that there are changes that are needed and in place for healing all things. New growth will take place. New activity for human healing will come through in this place. A world of peace begins in this place.

Your thought directs energy into all that is spoken. The energy becomes more activate by your thought, intention and by your consciousness. So perceive wherever there is sadness, rage and pain, the light of healing is coming through and touching all in need.

Perceive you are part of a network of light, where many as you are connected in Mind and thought and meditation. This consciousness is aware in the inner light in all whose desire is to see that there is renewal and upliftment in all conditions in need of change. Change is taking place and shifts in human understanding are developing higher wisdom, knowledge and love. What has been hidden through the past ages is coming to understanding. So the more you are open to your own understanding you are contributing to the understanding of others.

Peace begins in you. It begins within the mind of who you are. Peace becomes a part of your thoughts, your understanding and you’re experiencing within you. Those who focus on the fears and conflicts are losing their effect. Be patient through all these integrations of spirit, mind and body and light.

And now just take a moment for each of you to observe your energy is moving through a network of light. It is a part of the greater network that oversees the Earth. The focus for this network is to direct the light into human thought and into human emotion and to be an effective experience for all who lead conditions that are now in need of change.

As the light moves with you, it connects with many, many, many others in this network of light. It is said that consciousness of thought is raised to a higher level of being. So the consciousness of Christ is a part of this activity of healing planet Earth. Consciousness of Buddha’s enlightening and enlightenment activities contribute to the peace of mind. Go in Peace.

VICKIE YANG is graduate of A COURSE IN LIGHT and comes from Taipei, Taiwan. She has been working very diligently translating the ” A Course in Light” into Chinese. Her story is another fascinating adventure.

Vickie’s Story

In 1983 I was very traumatized, emotionally, physically and mentally. I thought Yoga would bring me back to normal condition. I went to Taylor Bookstore in Dallas, look for a Yoga book. I asked the people in the store if they know anyone who gives yoga lessons. He pulled out a business card and wrote on the back, ‘Unity Church.’ I checked with the church and their schedule did not fit mine so I put the card away. A year later I accidentally saw the business card and it was Toni Moltzan’s. All the card said was ‘readings.’

I did not know what a reading was so I call her and ask her ‘what does she mean, ‘reading.’ She told me she goes to altered states of consciousness and reads my consciousness. “I don’t remember what she said.” I was curious about the whole thing, but I did not have the nerve to go, but I kept the card.

A year later, my life became more confused and frustrated. I finally had to call her (Toni) and go in for a reading. My first question was. “Why was I stuck in Dallas?” The answer was “I got a task to do.” When I learn what is my task, I will be free to go. They figured it would be a three year time period. The master told me about A Course in Light.

I wasn’t ready for Christian teaching at that time. I was more interested in Nirvana and Buddhism. So I put off the ‘Course.’ I went back to Toni periodically because of all the questions I had, all the pain I was going through, I need the sessions to answer my questions and have the healing.

Eventually I felt the healing energy through the session. I decided to get into ‘Course in Light.’ When I completed Level 2 of the ‘Course,’ I was free to go back to Taipei. It takes one and half year to complete these levels. I did all rest of the studies by myself in Taipei. I was working at my father’s factory as a general manager. The tension and competition in the business enforced me to continue in A Course in Light. But in the meantime, I was still studying Buddhism. I didn’t know why. Then when I listen to a tape from one of my former readings, there was a session said “for me to bring this message back to Orient” and I told the master “I wasn’t able to do this kind of work.” By the work I meant “The Course in Light.” They said I was to be a bridge between East and West and to bring this message for the people and I told the Master that I wasn’t able to. I did not have this kind of training. The master said they would arrange the right people for me to study Oriental teachings. This would help me to know how to help translate the ‘Course in Light’ for the Oriental ways.

Shortly after that, my friends started to ask me if they could join ‘lightwork’ study. I said, “I could try” so a few people gather in my house once a week. I wasn’t able to translate into Chinese all the material of the lessons. I was only able to tell them the procedure, the essence of the light and some sentences or phrases that I was deeply moved or impressed by. That was enough to satisfy my friends. After a while I wasn’t happy about devoting so much of my time to the business world. Then I got a message from another light worker named Terry.

The message was ‘a place is being prepared for me to go, have a rest and reclaim my selves’ and then I was supposed to begin my life work.

They could not tell me what my lifework was because I wasn’t ready to hear it. I couldn’t care less, ‘what is my life work,’ but I was very happy to get a way, have a rest and have myself restored. I would fantasize about going to Napal up in the Himalayas, retreat in a little temple, meet the Dali Lama and just do meditation all day long. But in the meantime Napal had a political revolution and the airport was shut down. I remember the master saying, they would never put me in jeopardy, so I knew the place for me was not Napal. A few months later, my mother asked me if I would accompany her to China for two week trip. I never thought I would want to be in China but if I did not accompany her, my father would not let her go. That was in 1990.

From 1987 I had a strange backache, every time when I went shopping it would not let me walk more than 30 minutes. So before I left for China my friend suggested that I have a Chinese herb treatment. So I arranged to go a hospital for checkup and treatment after the tour was completed and my mother returned to Taipei.

I stayed in hospital in Beijing by myself. I took “ACIL” with me. During the period of time staying the hospital, somebody introduced me to KI MASTER. Ki is energy, supposedly he can use his Ki to treat my backache. After several intensive treatments, we did not get any results. He said he got a message for me that this backache is a device that they had put in my body to remind me of the ‘life work’ I am supposed to do. Once I start to do ‘my work’ it would heal without treatment.”

I thought this was his excuse for his failure for not able to heal me. But I know that he goes to many parts of China to give the Ki lessons. So I ask him if he can arrange for me to have a long term retreat somewhere in China. So he helped me to get in touch with the people in Northeast of China where there is a great mountain called TAI Mountain. Supposedly the mountains have very dynamic energy, that all the Emperors in ancient China go there to worship the mountain.

I heard there are a lot of renowned people who live inside the mountain but nobody that we can see or find. Being a woman I couldn’t go inside that deep mountain and do what they are doing. But I was able to find a hut at the foot of the mountain. I hired a maid to help me so I was able to have a long term retreat. During my retreat the Ki master came once to see me. When we were doing meditation, all of sudden he asked me if my master’s wear a white robe. “Yes, they are White Brothers.” He said. “They want him to pass message on to me that I have one year rest, then I should be getting ready to do ‘my work’.”

I still have no idea what my work is supposed to be and I just thoroughly enjoy my resting and restoring, just meditating and reading all day long. Could not think of work on anything. So I said, “one year is not enough. I need three years and five years would be even better.” The Ki master all of a sudden became very serious and told me “Be quiet his master is with my master. His master is not happy with my attitude and told my master, if this was our student we would have her put her shoes on the top of her head,” meaning ‘my master should discipline me’. Then he turned to me, ask me ‘what the word ‘pamper’ was?’ For the Ki Master did not speak a word of English, yet he had spoken very good English to me. This was such a surprise. I explain to him what pampering was. Then he told me, My master told his master, “We pamper her all the time.” I was so glad that I wasn’t a student of the “Tibetan teaching’s.”

I was grateful that our master would ‘put up with me.’

When the weather got too cold, I had to go back to Taipei. At Buddhism temple they asked me if I could help them with winter camp for College students as a counselor. I had a book that I published as introduction to the ACIL. A professor from the College camp asked me if I would give a lesson of ‘lightwork.’ He told me that his wife was not interested in any kind of religions. However, he thought she would be interested in this kind of class. It would be a good way to lead her into a spiritual path.

I was so moved by his caring for his wife’s soul growth. I never have seen a man care about their woman’s soul. So with an impulse, I said “for your wife I am willing to open up a class.” He gathered some other students. There were thirty students. I had to do it more seriously this time. But I still could only translate the course verbally. We went through Level 1 and Level 2 together using each lesson for one of the Light Rays. Since I only had two months in Taipei, I wanted them to have the physical and emotional levels of the teachings.

So after they completed their lessons, I left for China again. Now it was summer time in China and I stayed until fall. I went back to Taipei and found the professor and his wife were still working and reviewing what they had studied from the ‘Course.’ I felt embarrassed that the tapes were not translated as well as they could be. I wanted to go back to Tai Mountain and retreat some more but strangely, enough they were having a drought in “Tai Mountain.” The wells were dried, and without water I could not have stayed in my hut. This had never happened before the people told me. I decided to translate all of ACIL into Chinese, ‘thinking I can just do it.’

So I couldn’t go back to Tai mountain like I wanted to. I had to stay in Taiwan and that is when more people coming for “ACIL” With so many so eager to learn the teachings, I was embarrassed with my verbal interpretations. Therefore, I decide to translate word by word ‘ACIL.’ This is my ‘life’s work and my backache is gone.’ The course in now completed in translation and now also taught in Japan. Jean is the translator of ACIL for Japanese. For More stories and insights Order Open to Light. (click here)

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