Meet Antoinette Moltzan, Founder of A Course in Light

Antoinette Moltzan

I am Antoinette and grew up in the Southside of Chicago. It was during the time when the 2nd World War was taking place. My parents arrived in the United States from the Netherlands when they were very young. Mom was five, my father was seven. I was fortunate to be trained in Christian beliefs through our Reformed church. I married at 20 years old and had five children in six years. It was most interesting being a mom.

One night, I woke up and saw my grandmother standing in my room. She passed many years before that. I was shocked and stunned because I did not believe in these experiences. I did not want to tell anyone that my grandmother showed up. I tried putting it out of my mind. My father passed before my mother, but as life goes on, people age, and my mother was ill and in the hospital. I flew to Chicago and stood by her side as she was in her final stage. All of a sudden, I saw my father standing at the foot of the bed; he was dressed in his marine outfit and looked about 20 years old. I thought “Oh my God”.

My dad really must have loved my mom. It was a very touching experience. I returned home to my normal life, but things were changing. We moved to another house and I had these awesome neighbors which we would get together for coffee and chat about our kids, etc.

But they were reading books about psychic experiences and had come across a book that was written through Ruth Montgomery about automatic writing. They also were visiting a psychic named David. I was not interested in these things. But one morning, they were sitting at the kitchen table and were attempting to try this automatic writing. I thought it was not good.

They insisted that I try it. Well to my surprise, I received a whole page on a past life experience, and then my grandmother wrote through me. I was shocked and wanted to escape from this. However, they would call me and ask if I had gotten any more writing, I said no. But then I started waking up at 5:00 in the morning and a voice would say, get up and write. I would plead with them to let me sleep and promised I would get up the next time. I began getting up and receiving some very awesome information and guidance. All this led me to become a spiritual channel and still giving sessions for those who wish the guidance of the masters.