Light Flight for Kids

Light Flight takes kids on an imaginary ride on a great big starship. They explore adventures to wonderful places of light. It is a kit for kids who need to grow up with values, love and personal esteem. This is fun and educational. Grown-ups will Love it too! The kids use their imagination learning wonderful tools to help them in their own day-to-day experiences. These are adventures in learning even Walt Disney would be proud!

What is Light Flight? A tool box for kids

For over 25 years now I witnessed the struggle of people who must confront their fears, anxieties and phobias. Adults come to me to experience light and healing that changes their lives. It never ceases to amaze me how the lightwork using energy changes the painful memories and experiences of those who open to their healing.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to grow up without all the struggles that occur from feelings of abandonment or being different? Don’t you wish you grew up with the kind of love and affection all children should have?

Today kids are subject to all the challenges you had and perhaps many more. Wouldn’t it be great, if you knew they could experience something that nurtured their mind, their soul and their spirit?

Light Flight is a tool to help with these challenges, because it is an interactive experience. With fun and adventure, they receive the information that will nurture them for life.

How does it work?

They play a CD and go on an adventure that gives them the feeling of all the goodness available for their heart, mind and spirit. It gives them the information that will help them with their growing needs. Parents can share the experience with them. It is so fun that most of the parents enjoy the light flights with their children.

I know I want to see a better world. Maybe you are seeing, hoping and praying for this occurrence. If you are working to create a world in which love is the key, you can support the vision by providing a great tool for the children. I think the kids can use the kind of experience that would provide such opportunities.

Light Flight For Kids (Digital Download)


Light Flight Imaginary Adventures for Kids includes the following:

  • an activity book with pictures to color, Word Puzzles,mazes, dot-to-dot and places for creative drawing.
  • The new exciting Light Flight Story Book
  • 1 Disc containing 10 x MP3 guided adventures for an imaginary ride in the Starship taking them to wonderful places of excitement and positive Value lessons.



Antoinette Moltzan & Sandi-Jean Morscheck, MEd are co-authors of Light Flight Storybook. They are also mother & daughter. Together they created the story book along with the original program entitled Light Flight for Kids.

The illustrations for the story book as well as Light Flight for Kids were created by Sandi-Jean Currently she is teaching children in various programs for student development. She is an active guide in workshops to help with parent and teen relationships.

Antoinette (Toni) is an active spiritual teacher as well as an intuitive reader. She is author/channel for A Course in Light and other books. Through the many years she has been actively traveling and teaching in Asia as well USA.

We wish to dedicate Light Flight Story Book to children of all ages and origins. We dedicate this to all parents who share their experiences and stories with their children. We dedicate this book to all teachers who guide them into life with a positive mind, body and soul.

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Reviews & Testimonials for “Light Flight”

Elliot Moss, parent,  Aerospace Engineer (over 20 years),Golden, Co.

“Light Flight” is a journey of the mind that should be experienced by every child of every age. It teaches relaxation, self-healing and centering of oneself to achieve the best that you can be. For overly energetic children labeled ADD, ADHD, etc. if applied and allowed to flourish, Light Flight may be a better treatment (with no side effects) than the administration of drugs. So sit back and listen to Light Flight and let the stress and worries of everyday life diminish. You’ll feel good again.

Dr. Jim Logan, Md, Medical physician for space program, Houston, Tx.

This is so good! I love the imagery and symbolism. It is fantastic. If I had this when I was young, my life might have turned out differently. I love the feeling and sensation of the adventures.

Grandmother, Julie Butler; Jared 9 yrs old

Jared has had a difficult childhood. He has moved from his maternal grandma’s to paternal grandmas, then to mom and dad, back and forth. The Navy moved the family six times or so. His mother has had period of depression. Jared felt its effect. With his father gone so much of the time, serving out to sea, Jared missed his dad a lot. Jared is very intuitive and sensitive along with being very bright. Jared does exceptionally well in school and is in a gifted equivalent program. He does not have ADD but does get low sometimes. Jared started Light flight immediately when we received it. I see changes in his highs and lows. Jared is very analytical and listens to each adventure for 4 days.

Dillon 7 yrs old

Brother Dillon who is skeptical took 3 days and then he wanted to listen to Light flight. Both boys are learning and listening. They love the voices and want to go on adventures. Their attention on the recording has been positive; they listen to all of it without being distracted.

Nannaa, Mother; Madison 8 yrs old

I wanted to let you know that Madison and I have taken 2 flights to Crystal City today and 1 flight to the Golden City! We took the first flight to Crystal City, and she was pulling the throttle, closing her eyes, taking deep breaths and all. Later Madison said she wanted to STOP watching a movie (Princess Diaries) and take another flight! We went to Crystal City again and then she wanted to go for a ride and take the CD and go to Golden City. After she listened to this flight she said she was going to wear her space helmet to her counselor so she could tell her everything and maybe trust her again! She said she was to tired tonight to write her thoughts but wanted to listen again tomorrow and write in her journal.

Keith Wan, 9 yrs old. Hong Kong

My son’s name is Keith Wan. He is 9 yrs old. He has hearing problems with both ears. He can’t hear without hearing aids. He is also hyperactive and somewhat withdrawn because he feels he is different. He is exceptionally good at drawing. After listening to Light Flight my son is aggressive to be the captain and he invited all his classmates to join the flight and share this with them. It is a good beginning.

Hattie S. 8 yrs, Keller, Tx

Mom: I hope Hattie will find higher ground during stressful times. Last night we did the Crystal City and when it said “put on your helmet” I looked over at Hattie reaching over and grabbing this fake helmet. I said “this is great!” It is such a good teaching tool for me as well as Hattie. At school, the counselor came into class and was talking about a story of a student who needed to learn respect. Hattie said, “my mommy and I are learning about that. Whenever you feel that way about somebody, you put him or her in the Gold Light.” The teacher said, “could you explain this to us.” Toni is right, Hattie is going to help others with this. Thank you we love this Light Flight.

Becky R. Mom; 2 sons, 9 yrs and 7 yrs., Corpus Christie, Tx.

We received Light Flight and I want to thank you for letting us participate. I notice something is going on. I just talked to my boys and they said to tell you, they love it! The boys are a handful and they have been listening to it when they go to bed. It seems like they are falling asleep right away and not fighting like they used to. My younger son told his brother who is often negative and has a low self image, “your thoughts really are important. You can’t say bad things because they can happen.” So, they have been talking about Light flight. They really like it.

Mom and Olivia J. 5 yrs, Green Bay, Wi.

Thank you for letting us participate in the Light flight program, it is wonderful! I get concerned about Olivia’s self esteem. She is very shy. We consider her a very normal child except she has exceptional ability to read. Olivia signed up for soccer. When we got to the field, she did not want to play. She started to withdraw. So I told her “remember zip up your space suit and you will be just fine.” So, she literally stood there like she was zipping up something and ran out on the field with the other kids. That was a big change.

Sze Ki Mgai, 5 yrs. Hong Kong

I think she is a “Star child” I do believe that this program will help her more balanced during her growth. After listening to the first CD, I noticed my daughter was very happy. My husband is gone because of work in China. Sometimes Sze Ki is not happy with her father. Because of this, my daughter is not close to him. After listening to the Cd she and her father became very close. He hugged her to dry her tears from disappointment. This was new for my husband to be close and Sze accept his hugs.

Light Flight is full of space stories to intrigue the minds of children imagination. Every one of the educational stories found in light flight will help in teaching children a valuable lesson about themselves which makes it the perfect educational program for children.

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