Messages From The Masters

It is good to speak, this is Andrew. As each of you is in this forcefield of light, your consciousness is rising up through the Rainbow Bridge of Light to the planetary dimensions. It is meant to lift out of this physical element of the Earthly conditions and to bring you through and into planetary level where you are free from the structures that because heaviness in the physical world of yours.
So let yourself rise up to the planetary dimension of light. Know you are part of many who also are in their meditative experiences. This is a time period of the calling of many, many, of the light of the internal search for inner peace and alignment to the Laws of Love and the principles that are the resources of walking in a state of balance with higher consciousness.
We call upon each of you and all who are joining this activity to magnify light, to direct its frequency for the balancing of human intention for a time of the Golden Age to manifest. There is a call throughout all of the Earth to assist in a connection for the empowerment of light to have its flow in and through the mind of leadership in the Earth, for minds in the awakening to many sources of technology that raises the experience of human activity. There is a call for there to be of rising of energy on all levels of human life and all who have lifted to a state of knowing that there is a power in unity, a power in collective activity to bring into motion what is required to lift the status and intention of the human experience of life.
So in this moment we magnify the Wisdom Light to release from the ego systems that which is the causal factor of war, of violence, of lack of true, of actions of destruction, of powers of miss use, of all that creates disturbances. So in this moment as light is in effect, perceive you are more than just a few but you are aligned with many, many others who also have put into motion their time and intention for meditative consciousness.
Perceive you are united many in and throughout all of the earthly experiences. There are messages and messengers that are being magnified in this moment of time and for this circle and this planetary experience we ask that the wisdom, consciousness of truth, of peace, and Divine Law under the act of forgiveness, we magnify the light to lift consciousness of human direction to a spiritual perspective of all that is in the discovery of light and relativity to thought, to intention, to technology, to the source of all that is a part of creative consciousness.
So in this moment accept you are not just a few but a part of many throughout the Earth will have lifted up their mind and their soul to be in oneness for this magnification of energy for the purpose of resolution and healing. As spoken many from many sources are in a united state all being in alignment to the desire for a state of peace in this journey of human consciousness. There are many who are in opposition to these actions of spiritual direction. Hold only to what you can see as the light of love and its reality. Within yourself free your heart and free your body and free yourself from fear, from anxiety, from pain, from doubt and just be open to receive what is coming through and touching everything inside of you to a state of balance, a state of release, a state of wellness and it is so.
We ask that the power of this magnify itself in and through all areas of the Earth especially in points where there is need for empowerment and love.
Now simply perceive with knowledge, with all that is in research and development for practical application of energy in human consciousness that is so. There is a magnification of light to those in leadership, in places of grave fears. We ask that the power of prayer, the power of mind, the power of intention will raise the consciousness to that state of unity and wholeness in light.
And now, know you are one of many and many of you is one and there is power in what you think and there is power in what is being sent. Let your light so shine that its vibration is transforming and it is so. Walk in peace and may the light of the Christ be in and through all of you.