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Messages For The Planet

A Message given at a Workshop

Antoinette (Toni) has traveled to many places giving workshops. On each occasion, she is always leading a meditation and receiving messages from the masters. The following was received from disciple Andrew who was the 2nd master to channel through Antoinette.

Greetings this is Andrew. It is good to speak; we have been observing this gathering. You each have a purpose that you seek to fulfill. Understand the purpose is to be free from all denial of being connected to the Source of Love, the highest aspect of being. Think; the love of what is (God, Christ, masters), magnifies itself in you and the light of its vibration raises the frequency in you. Accept as I speak the energy of this light essence brings new thought, new beginning, new thought, new expression, new insight, new goals as it is flooding your thoughts and bringing into you a new perspective of what you will create to assist in the healing of humanity and its needs to change.

The lesson that is in effect represents what is called the Crossroads and the Crossroads is a state of being where you are in need of making choices of your intentions and your spiritual goals. Let go of the fear that spiritual goals are unrealistic and without power. Rather perceive the spiritual goal is the manifestation of the higher frequencies of light that are applied in a daily experience of your individual choices.

Accept as I speak, your mind is a receptor and continues to receive insight, knowledge, understanding, perspective and openness for new growth to take place. Think of this mental part of you filling with light in its hues of radiant Mint Green energy.

This frequency itself is conditional in terms of recognizing it is an energy that affects the cells of thought, the cellular consciousness and affects all life in its developing stages. Whether it is the plants, whether it is the source of nature’s needs, visualize; an energy activation transmitted into consciousness to raise its effect for bringing new thought, new opportunity and new intentions for bringing into this age more than the survival of humanity, but rather the acceptance of being able to live in full joy of what is part of all that you do and all that you have.

The following is a picture taken during a workshop held in Taiwan. I am channeling a message from Andrew who is the disciple of Jesus Christ. The light was captured on camera by one of the students of A Course in Light. It is such an amazing picture and the Golden Light is coming from Arch Angel Uriel. There are no lights on from the ceiling, and drapes are covering the windows and this energy light just appeared.

It was a very sacred moment. I am so grateful to share this for all to be touched by the light.