As a result of trips of Antoinette going to Taiwan resulted in a large numbers of students to its long list of devoted lightworkers.
The most recent trip resulted in numerous workshops and three World Peace Conferences where many interested people attended these events. The following is a transcript from one of these events.

Message from Andrew at Peace Conference

It is good to speak, I am Andrew. (disciple Andrew) As I speak to this group of lighted ones, we observe your openness to experience a healing in yourself and all around you. There is much need for healing at this time. There is much desire for healing individually within you. There is great concern for bringing into the planet the light for peace in humanity.
Let go of thoughts of all the chaos that appears in your life and outside of your life. Rather accept in this moment you are seeing, experiencing a change within yourself. Your thought, your energy is observing an ability to see light healing and greater acceptance of love.
As you are feeling, sensing, experiencing a greater lightness in you, you are participating in a consciousness that raises the energy of all life. You are all children of the Creator. You are all one, as children within in the Earth. You are all part of bringing new life into the consciousness of humanity. You are all part of those who are seeing a shift of consciousness within humanity. Look past the fears of what is being created. Look past the constant conflicts. Look past the experiences that generate the negative effect of living. Rather observe you are rising into a higher state of Mind and Light as Love.


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