A Course in Light – Series 1 (Instant Download – eBook & MP3 files)

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Attunements and Activations within your Human System
Level 1 – Physical System (11 guided meditation MP3’s) Level 2 – Emotional / Perceptual (12 guided meditation MP3’s) Level 3 – Mental (11 guided meditation MP3’s) Level 4 — Astral / Etheric (11 guided meditation MP3’s)

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Receive a Certificate of Recognition for completion of Series 1

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Attunements and Activation’s within your Human System

Level 1 – Physical System The first level of spiritual development within A Course in Light focuses on the physical system and your material surroundings.

Introduction to Egos and five lower bodies
Meditation techniques activating 10 chakra
Light energy of chakra experienced in meditation
Manual and tapes of channeled sessions
10 week course
Group experience or home study method available

Level 2 – Emotional / Perceptual The second level of activity will activate the light lessons affecting your emotional and perceptual nature.

Light energy is experienced as concentrated on emotional and perceptual and distortions
Two new chakras introduced and activated
Intensive work for clearing old patterns of emotional and perceptual consciousness
Guided meditations and healing sessions

Level 3 – Mental This 3rd level in your spiritual development is the mental work where you find wonderful changes in your thoughts and beliefs.

Light energy is concentrated on the mental process
Guiding belief systems are challenged and transformed
Student experiences changes in consciousness and processes of old beliefs

Level 4 — Astral / Etheric This very exciting level of the lightwork is amazing and must be experienced.

Clearing of Astral energies producing karmic conditions
Guided meditations to release old conditions of the past
Past life consciousness experienced
Dream state increases

Receive a Cerificate of Recognition for completion of Series 1


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