A new look for Series 1 by Balboa Press of Hay House

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Series 1 comes in hardback or softback please identify what you want on paypal and the only change is in the bookcover.



A Course in Light           

We are given a suggestion through our friend and student to have our Series 1 book published by Balboa Press a branch of Hay House.  I was a little reluctant to follow through with the plan but I did it.  It is available in hardcover or soft cover and it is so beautiful to look at and read.  I must say that I am so excited to have A Course in Light Series 1 now available for you and your friends with a new look and the same inspiring messages.  It is truly easy to follow and would be great for asset for teachers as well as students.  Just like the original one every time you are wanting to find an answer to your troubled mind or fearful thoughts, you just open the book and it seems to present you with exactly what you are looking for.  It never grows old; it is always presenting you with just the answers you are searching for.


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