Reading with Toni

$95.00 $85.00

Readings normally cost US$85 by phone or in person, however, this is currently on special for only US$85.

Toni will also record your reading and supply you with an MP3 audio file of the recorded session. Once you have paid for your reading, we shall coordinate a suitable time for the reading to take place.

A phone number will be supplied for you to call for your phone reading to take place – an alternative option is Skype. Face to Face readings can be scheduled however these only take place in McKinney, Texas or special events.



A Course in Light is a spiritual study to assist you in healing the mind, body, and soul.  It is assisting you to connect with God the Creator and maker of you.  It is inspired by angels and enlightened souls who have mastered the physical and spiritual journey of the soul.    Through science, it is proved that communication is transmitted through thoughts and the power of intention.  Science reminds us that everything is energy and we are sending and receiving energy in all that we do, and all that we become.  A Course in light is the guiding path that acquaints you with energy associated with color, light and energy waves.  In the study and practice of the meditations of lessons of the light, you will become acquainted with the power of thoughts, mind, and consciousness associated with the frequency of light.


A Spiritual Path for Enlightenment

Each lesson is a process of healing issues in your Mind, Body and Soul.  It is associated with the consciousness of Jesus as The Christ and the wisdom of masters who have experienced the power of Love, Light and Higher Consciousness.  A Course in Light (ACIL) is practiced and applied by many students all around the world and is also translated and published in Chinese.

A Course in Light is a series of meditation techniques and messages given to humanity for the purpose of self-discovery and personal transformation. With conscious use and direction of light frequencies, you will experience a change in your physical, mental and emotional make-up. With the daily practice of meditation and the activation of the light frequency of the week, you will notice profound changes in your personal belief system. You may have very subtle experiences that touch your heart, mind and soul. With the continued practice of applying these experiences, many have become teachers and practitioners of A Course in Light.

A Course in Light is a systematic procedure working with light as color using meditation techniques that activate energy within your own consciousness. You will experience in meditation the vibrations; feel the energy and its effect on your subtle bodies. It is an experiential journey through the past, present and future of your life. It is the study of light energy rays and their activation to clear your mental, emotional and perceptual awareness – and later working deeper within the soul and planetary systems. This course as channeled by masters and designed for transformation through spiritual awakening and responsibility.

Antoinette Moltzan is the receiver of these lessons and messages with meditation guidance.