Project Light: Bringing Clarity to Confusion and Disorder

Teleconference Message

Project Light Change is in Motion

Message from White Eagle

Let the sounds come through, touching the mind and heart of you. The sounds that magnify the light of your soul and of your spirit and all that you are. I am White Eagle. I speak with this to assist each of you to know that the guidance manifesting through the channel by the means of many beings of light is bring the vibration that is needed to bring an upliftment to all that is the source of new beginnings of the age that is in motion.

White Eagle sang a sound for 11 seconds.

Let the sound come through all that is in you. Let the power of its vibration bring healing through all that the mind and the body is requiring for this experience of carrying the Pipe of Peace for that is what is in store for this session of this Project Light.

I wish each of you to observe and to perceive that you are in a circle of many, many others unseen by your eyes but a presence of spirit with you. Know that the sounds that will come will break through whatever is in need of a healing vibration.

My sounds will come to magnify the vibration in your own mind, body and soul. Do not be in fear but accept you are in silence, that you are in a circle, a sacred ceremony of light. Down through the many ages it was a normal manner of connecting, of bringing understanding for the laws that are for nature and in keeping the light in the environment of human consciousness.

In this moment I ask each of you to visually see in the heart of you that you are connected with many, many others from different tribes of life, tribes of human expression, tribes of country, tribes of other sources. Tribe is a word meaning a circle in which there is a ceremony for peace, a ceremony for bringing healing to the broken arrow which is a symbol of losing your source of protection.

As I am speaking in this Circle of Light of which you are a participant, all though you are in separate places and separated by many miles in the Consciousness of the Higher Self, in the spirit of who you are, you are united and therefore perceive, you are in a Circle of Light like the tribes of other places and people. The goal is to be unified with the law as it is known from the Source of the Order of Melchizedek and by the way of the Christ and all that has been as the master’s presence of guiding souls to its higher intention in the now.

White Eagle sang a tone for about 9 seconds.


Perceive you are all in a connection bonded by a Higher Mind with the spirit of the Christ, with Buddha, with Mother Mary with all other sources of the Angelic Beings of Light. The call is for a magnification of the natural elements of the human mind that is being connected to its higher spirit and receiving the insight for the progress of bringing greater wisdom, knowledge and peace for all existing in this time frame of humanity.

We call upon Santiago; we call upon all chiefs that are in the circle of spirit with light. We call upon all who recognize a transformation is required to fulfill the coming age that uplifts the source of human activity. In this moment we call upon all the beings that are in this manifestation of creating an awakening for spiritual acceptance of Divine Light as Love.

Project Light has been a vision that is most important in bringing clarity and clearing through the maze of confusion, disorder and lack of a Higher Understanding. We call upon all beings that are in this project to uplift the perception of its guided intention for peace and for harmony through the methods of spiritual intention for higher opportunities.

Now, all is in its order. We call upon all in these centers that are awakening to this shift in Earth and shift in spirit. Where there are floods and where there is loss of homes and places and where there is loss of guidance, the call comes through all of the many beings and through the Pipe of Peace.

We perceive a clearing of negativity, a clearing of all matter that is destructive to the human mind and to the path that is most important in the experience of Project Light.

I am often a part of your service. I am often a part of the teaching of the Work of Light. I am often overseeing a presentation of being in truth and in understanding for the healing of thoughts and hearts and minds in this of change.

Now, White Eagle sang a tone for 11 seconds.

Let the body receive the energy of the radiant Wisdom Light.  May the frequency magnify in all minds and matter of human consciousness.


We also activate the energy of the Emerald Ray to assist in the abundance in need to fulfill the requirements of loss, damage and hurt and all that is in destructive consciousness with the blend of the Blue and the frequency of Green it becomes a vibration of the Turquoise Ray often associated with the Native American consciousness. It brings the wisdom and truth with the action of creative intention and communicative opportunity.

White Eagle sang a tone for about 9 seconds.

Now, I see in many ways as vibration as a wave that is touching each of you in this acceptance of service for bringing new awakening, for higher expectation of humanity’s intentions.

Now, in your meditative state think of this message, this experience and then the drums play and let the harps play and let the music which is available for the upliftment of human consciousness.

And now, White Eagle sang a tone for 9 seconds.

Let the Dove of peace, let the light of love magnify and let be. All is in its order and so let love heal and bring peace in action.


Teleconference call on Wednesday Evening @ 7:30 p.m. CST.


On Wednesday evening 7:30 CST I give tel conference calls and invite you to join us. It is a wonderful experience and those who have joined this are very grateful and pleased. This is an awesome experience for each one who is on this call. We have a small participation of sharing our challenges, our victories, our hopes, wishes, and dreams. But the most important part is the receiving of the messages for the masters, and the meditation that is given through the channeling. Every week it is an awesome experience and each one is so touched with the light.


Comment from Tina: Good morning wise and radiant beings of the light. What an amazing and powerful lesson with Archangel Arial. In the inner realms of vision, our work is met with many others and the healing surrounding our earth and into the consciousness of humanity brings tears of love and joy to me. It is with great joy when we connect to do this inner work on ourselves as well as earth and humanity. It is a blessing and may God Bless us all. Have a good and bested day girls for I am full of love and joy spilling outward wow! Thank you! from Tina!

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