Teleconference Message

Every Tel conference call we receive a message from the masters.

Pl 6 Ruby Red

Pyramid – Five sided

Dynamic – Orange    Magnetic – Ruby Red

Front – Silver   Back – White

Base – Ruby Red

Toni shared that we saw the total eclipse on the TV today.  We saw many colors during the eclipse such as White, Green, Blue, Red and Pink.  It was awesome.  Then last Thursday I went to the emergency room and diagnosed with pneumonia.

Toni reads from the lesson page 277.   The background voice for the Ruby Red CD is with Santiago . He is a medicine shaman.  These wonderful sounds from the CD are very healing.  His voice sounds come from training and he performs for many different events.  He is a Native American and practices as a medicine man.

Our class was speechless, touched by his gift of his voice sounds. Santiago as an overnight guest had a dream during the night.  He saw twelve apostles as statues in a beautiful church.  One of the statues came alive and spoke with him.  It was the apostle St. Andrew.  Santiago was not aware that Andrew channeled through me.  It was one more sign of confirmation that Andrew is the disciple of Christ.  This was an amazing experience.

I think it never gets old hearing that.  The confirmation of this reality that we are receiving lessons from some beings we can’t see and yet we have the insight and the knowledge that they are masters and Higher Beings that present this work to help uplift everyone, to bring a sense of openness and true inner light and faith with the process that brings the light to you.

The message that came from that time was:  We greet you, praise and give thanks for the effort put forth healing your life.  We perceive a greater balance is in effect within your consciousness. You have come through a long, progressive journey to these points of higher understanding.  You have a more open consciousness for releasing and bringing into your life a sense of completion. Your frequencies are becoming much clearer with wholeness and   oneness.  Thoughts are changing among your own environment.  You become a reflector of all that you think and put into motion. This is all being given from a message from Azreal.

So right now, I would say let’s focus on the healing consciousness in which the Ruby Red energy is dominant and just in our minds perceive even with this eclipse there is some kind of vibration that helps to bring an ease to the difficulties that have come and created such havoc in the behavior of people politically and in other sources.