Teleconference Message

Every Tel conference call we receive a message from the masters.

Message from Jove

Happiness is the absence of sadness.  Happiness raises your thoughts to accept and project joyful activity in Life.  I am Jove, Lao-tzu, Your life is a journey and you are walking its path and you are being given what is called the tools of those who arrive and attain states of enlightenment.  Do not regret what you have done.  Do not regret what you did not do.  Do not regret that you feel as mistakes, they are just the stepping stones that you walk through to help you reach new levels of consciousness.

I always taught that happiness is a state of mind and joy follows what happiness creates.  Sadness is the emptiness of feeling isolated, feeling cut off, feeling denied and feeling without a sense of purpose.  You are the walkers of the Age of the Aquarian Intention.  You are the beings that are raising the vibration of your inner self to help in bringing awareness to help others find the joy and lightness of living.  Wisdom is the knowing that fear is the block that it is like a wall that lets you down, that blocks your intention, that steals your sense of strength and will.

So in this moment in the frequency of the Wisdom Light and in this moment say, inwardly I am at peace with my mind, with my body, with my soul and with all that I am and all that I am becoming.  I am letting go of fear, fear blocks the door to love, I am letting go of anger of things I cannot change.  I accept that who I am and what I am, I am on a road to a higher state of Mind, Body and Soul. 

Everything in your life has purpose, often you do not see what causes for grace will come in the lessons that you learn.  But as you develop more and more, your inner will, your inner light, your understanding, the more you sense, know and see that you are serving in a way that heals hearts that others carry.  That is your goal.  That is your soul’s intention in this time of life.  It is important to think that I am strong.  It is important that you accept I am the Peaceful Warrior that brings sanity to the confusion of negativity.  I breathe in the light.  I release all that causes turmoil, destruction, pain, let it go.

In this moment think of the Blue Light like a river, from the top of the head, down through the feet it is like a river flowing through and clearing out the pain that you carried and the fears that you carried through for a long time inside of you.  Let the Blue Light magnify from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet and in the pyramid let it be a support that gives you strength and will and higher understanding.

There are many turmoils that will appear over the next 3 months.  You have to be strong warriors and see past the illusions that others create in a negative effect.  There are some extraordinary signs that will come to warn you of challenges but know the outcome is a blessing from a strong and healing consciousness for humanity and for peace.

In the next 3 hrs, excuse, in the next 3 days the vibration of this Wisdom Light will continue to flow in and through your thoughts and your mind and all that is as the essence of what you are becoming.  Meditate on these intentions, I am Loved, I am acknowledged, I am understood, I am at peace, I am sharing all that I need to do to bring grace and peace.

And now, in this pyramid we ask it to be expanded.  We ask that the frequencies of this pyramid of light be activated in and around all of the challenges of the leadership of your country and each and all simply know there is a greater order from a Divine Intention to heal chaos, confusion and disorder that is in effect.  Visualize and see that there is something coming that will bring a true peace into certain nations that are on the brink of difficulty and disorder and it is so.

You in this group are to meet many others and encourage that they will be touched by the light.  Nothing is without purpose; everything has its own intention.  This activity of light is connected in this network for which there will be awareness of change and joy and peace coming through the right way for you.

Now perceive inwardly, in the depth of the heart within you, you are accepting an inner strength, you are accepting inner awareness, you are accepting a power of your intention, blessed by a higher consciousness.  Know that your work, your play, your life and who you are is a treasure in this time, a blessing to others.  I can see you in this radiance of blue flowing through all the internal part of you.

Now let the peace that passes all understanding magnify and it is so.

I am Jove, Lao-tzu, I walk with you and now I release you and let the light of the Christ magnify.


Oh my gosh.  All these lessons we get they are just more and more empowering.  Don’t you think?  OK.