Teleconference Message

Project Light

#10 Sharing the Vision

Our Lesson starts with this thought that we are moving into a stage of intensity from a shift and we move into this source of the Higher Self to focus on the power of peace or the dove of peace and to perceive it in a mass mind consciousness that there actually can become a more connected acceptance of each other in our differences and in the means by which we act out in our life.

We as the lightworkers so to speak, are very few people in many ways and yet we aren’t.  I believe they are all over the world to have an understanding of life as an opportunity for which you have chosen to come to help others find better and more heighten awakening to the consciousness of the chaotic mess that seems to be so prevalent in our communities and nations.

I don’t know about you but it seems that in today’s world speaking to others seems to be a very difficult.  Maybe the days before us and the days following us there may be some kind of change within people’s individual lives.  This is part of what I perceive as a breaking through the patterns we have carried as not being enough or not knowing enough or not serving enough or just having recognition of others who can’t seem to live their life in a more joyful way.  There is a lot of communications taking place based on the negativity that is happening, while we are trying to live our life in a more positive experience.

So, our lesson is about sharing a vision.  What is the vision we are meant to share?   I think it comes from an awareness that we are all Divine Beings but we are living in this human body and there is nothing wrong in our humanness, we just need to integrate with a stronger acceptance of being in an enlightened desire for life.

So, in this particular message of sharing the message it says ‘Think of being in balance, harmony and peace within your heart and the essence of your soul and with everything that is connected to you.  Accept the outside of you is reflecting the love that is you.

Toni:  Now we all have perspective of what love is and it may be different for each and everyone but basically, I perceive love is happiness. About joy, about inner peace within yourself and of course it is about relationships too. It’s about caring, it’s about needing to share the vision of everyone being able to find that state of peace, mind, heart and soul.

So, Project Light is really a case for each of us to utilize it to connect with others in opening their mind or opening their perspective for bringing to our humanity a state of inner light and peace.  It is not easy to do that. when we are consistently projected to things that are in turmoil or in a state war like conditions or unstable activity of desire and intention.  So, the lesson from the last experience from Andrew who is has always been one of the strongest presenters of our teachings, along with Azreal, Marcus, Melchizedek, Joshua, we have so many that come through, and it has been told to us that there really are these beings and they really are assisting sources that transmit their perspective to assist us to be in a more joyful and loving state.

So, with that I think that we should just begin to connect with each other in this circle of light, and individually perceive that you are very awakened soul, and awakened mind that seeks to assist in bringing an awareness that we can have a better world, at least where we are blocking out pain, and negative conditions that seem to presented over and over again in our lives.   So, I am feeling in this moment that I need to just let go of my thoughts, and be a receiver of whatever is being intent and purpose for our service in this Project Light …. …. so, prepare yourself and know that meditative techniques are very good, so let go mentally of the chaos that is surrounding you, let go of the pain that may be physical or emotional, that is a struggle in you.   And in this moment, visualize that you are being touched with the radiance of White Light, light the crystalline frequency that was presented as a Diamond, a beautiful radiant rock of light that reflects all of the colors that are part of the energy system.  So, in this moment think; the energy of the essence of you, that source of the light within you is magnifying in this frequency that appears as a radiant Diamond of light.

And masters have stated that this diamond frequency is a reflection and is an expression of Divine Love, divine joy, divine peace and it represents the consciousness that we seek to understand as the Christ consciousness, as the Buddha consciousness, as that which is the overseeing of the principles of which God brings into the heart and the soul of who we are.  So, in your meditation just allow the sense of light and magnification of its vibration, bringing a peace through you that the physical body of you and the consciousness of thought from you, in this moment is receiving what is the messages or guidance which comes from those who are the angelic or higher sources of light.

… … …

I am Uriel this is the presence of I as Melchizedek overseer of what is the movement to states of living in awareness of the power of Love and the healing of transmutation through the integration of Divine Intention.

As Project Light is a title so to speak to bring to each of you a concept of connecting with others whose seek to heal, matters of the hear, who seek to become free from the entanglements of the negativity.  Understand, life is a journey and it is filled with many adventures and some which cause great pain, and others which raise the heart and mind to greater love.  It is the Ying and the Yang is an absolute, balancing is by accepting that each has its intention to bring forward a balance that can be attained when the fear is released, and the acceptance of power and love is greater than the emptiness that comes with the loss of conditions in you.

So, as I speak from this network of light we see many many others who are not yet connected directly with you, but are a part of this activity of raising the state of mentality and personality and human action to a higher more divine state.  In this present message, we congratulate each of you absolutely for opening your heart and thoughts to connect with this empowerment to raise the frequency of consciousness.

We congratulate each and every one of you who consistently hold this as a key in their service of their life your life and others who open to a new path of their development, and it is so!

So, we are magnifying the frequency of the Crystalline Light, this represents the essence of opening mind, body and soul to the ascended state of A Higher Perspective of living in this human journey of life.

You are not without grace, you are within that acceptance that what appears as the darkness of pain, and loss and darkness of emptiness, this crystalline light is the frequency which breaks through the harshness of being in a lesser state than you desire to express.  Enlightenment is not always free from physical difficulty, enlightenment can be in a human body that is in difficult stages of challenge, and harshness and pain.

Do not measure your physical body or self against any other perspective of spiritual heightened awareness, you are all spiritual beings walking in a path that thinks to create a better perspective of living life, of living it and becoming a higher expression of Divine Intent … So as I am speaking in this moment we ask that each of you in this experience of this meditative state allow the radiance allow the vibrations and allow all of it becomes in you to free pain in your body, to free fear in the soul and heart, to free judgement in the mental self, in this moment surrounding you is a field of light radiating with the inner power to free the thoughts and the emotions from disorder and from uncertainty and lack of trust … let go!   Trust is an acceptance that what is divine order will come, will unfold, will present itself, and in this moment within each of you, perceive that what you observe as the bottles of conflict and the struggles of physical challenges, and the conditions of loss and disruption and pain, perceive that the vibration of light in its most intense expression in this breaking through that which has caused struggle inwardly and outwardly in you,

All of you have visions and perceptions of what you wish to integrate and become a part of, and know that the path is most in harmony with who you are and what you do that you will fulfill what is meant in your future as well as present time.

So as this process is this frequency is in motion, perceive your physical body, emotional body and all that is a part of your creative consciousness, is in balance.  It is balance with wisdom, understanding, acknowledgement and grace and love.  Let love fill the heart and let fear be released.   and it is so!  … … …

This particular project per say, will carry through to each of you and expand in touching others too.  Individually you are being filled with many vibrations of light and it is good, and individually you have come into this experience to be of service in every way that can be accepted and projected by you and within the heart and spirit of you.  and it is so!

In this moment the rays of light magnified inwardly throughout every facet of your body’s consciousness. Where this hurt, where there is pain, where there is disorder where something is without it’s fullness, release all attachments of that thought in you.   Rather see that the radiance of light integrates in every aspect of light, and body and soul. This is awakening to many aspects of your mental, emotional and perceptual self.

And now, let go of limitations in you, in limitation observed by you, and recognize you have all that require in becoming fulfilled individually and collectively and in this moment, we ask that the Mind be in you and as the consciousness of the Highest Order of Spiritual Intent connect with your inner self and all that you are expressing daily and  in every way.   Now!  perceive there is a network of many many souls that are opening to the wisdom and light and consciousness of this Project of awakening humanity to a higher state.

And therefore, by the Order of Divine Law and through the power of God the Creator of All. we ask for there to be a healing in all earthly ways and consciousness.  And with this we magnify all that is The Light and it is so!!! and now … you will sleep in a more peaceful state, and you will know in a clearer way, and I release you and in this moment.  I ask that the Mind be in you and in Christ Jesus and it is so!